Committed Monthly Recurring Revenue

CMRR takes into account all new business, cancellations, upgrades and downgrades so you can see what your MRR will be in the future, even before an invoice is generated. Stay on track to reach your quarterly goals with up-to-the-minute metrics.

CMRR forecasts

See the most complete picture of your company’s financial health with a breakdown of all anticipated monthly MRR movements from now into the future, and how they will impact your MRR.

Updated MRR movements tile

Get a quick overview of anticipated MRR movements for the month, quarter, or year right on your dashboard.

Anticipated movements on customer profiles

Event-based movements like upgrades and cancellations will appear above past MRR movements on individual customer profiles. You’ll be able to see when the event occurred, and when the anticipated movement will take effect, giving you an up-to-date record of each customer.

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