Within the first 10 years, only 13% of SaaS startups will hit $10M ARR. Hitting this milestone is no small feat, and the road is paved with challenges. Join this live discussion between SaaS founders on the lessons they’ve learnt along the way, pitfalls to avoid, and how they handle challenges as they come.


Yoram Wijngaarde


Founder of Dealroom.co which was launched in 2014 to provide intelligence about the world’s most promising startups and ecosystems.

Before founding Dealroom, Yoram was an investment banker at Lehman Brothers, Nomura Securities and NOAH Advisors in New York and London. Yoram has a cum laude Master’s degree in Economics from the University of Amsterdam.

Peter Caputa

Founder & CEO

Peter Caputa IV is the CEO of Databox, an analytics software company that helps companies monitor, report & improve company-wide performance. At $7.5M ARR, Databox has 3k subscribers, including 1k partners using Databox with 25k+ companies.

Previously, Peter was the 15th employee at HubSpot, ultimately being promoted to VP, Channel after building HubSpot's partner program from 0 to $115M ARR.

About the panel

In ChartMogul’s latest research; the SaaS Growth Report, we learnt that on average it takes 5 years for a SaaS startup to reach $10M ARR. Best-in-class startups hit it in under three.

However, the growth journey is different for every SaaS business, and comes with unexpected challenges, tailwinds and pitfalls.

We’re hosting a live discussion with two founders turned CEOs, to share their personal insights on working towards the $10 million milestone and their strategies for growth that allowed their continuous success.

In this webinar we'll discuss:

  • Overcoming operational challenges while scaling to $10M ARR, and staying resilient
  • Strategies that accelerate growth, opportunities to seize, and pivotal metrics
  • The core lessons, surprises, and advice SaaS founders want to share with other startup leaders
Moderated by

Sara Archer VP Sales, ChartMogul