Connect your data
We’ll take care of the rest

ChartMogul connects with major subscription billing providers, so you can track and analyze your data in one central location. Just connect your sources and in seconds you’ll be able to see your monthly recurring revenue, churn rate, customer lifetime value and more. Get a real-time view into your business performance and dig deep into your data. No spreadsheet expertise or programming languages required.

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Answer any question

Add context to your metrics. Your ChartMogul dashboard comes with pre-built filters that make it easy to analyze revenues and customer data by plan group, billing cycle, location and more. Enrich your data and create custom filters so you can analyze segments like lead source, NPS score and industry. There are no limits to how you can look at your data.

Surface insights the entire team can use

ChartMogul is most powerful when the whole team can access data — that’s why we don’t place a limit on seats. Invite your reports, other departments or even your investors. Targets let your team set and track progress toward revenue goals. And with filters and segments, everyone in the company can better understand how their work supports business growth.

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