Why Chartmogul?

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You can’t run a fast-growing business from a spreadsheet. Trusting a generic analytics tool with your subscription data will come back to bite you sooner or later.

You need Chartmogul

Find out what makes ChartMogul the best solution for your subscription business.

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Choose a partner who will grow with you

We constantly talk to customers who’re looking for an alternative because they’ve outgrown the low-cost solution they’ve started with. Start with a trusted partner who can support your growth by opting for a subscription data platform.

Choose a partner who will grow with you
Joel Gascoigne CEO at Buffer
“We’re at the point where if you’re starting a SaaS company, you need a tool like ChartMogul from Day 1.”
Joel Gascoigne CEO at Buffer

Understand your business with advanced segmentation

Segmentation provides the opportunity to understand your business and make smart decisions about things like pricing, marketing channels, and many more.

The Enrichment API allows you to bring in data from other platforms and use it to create segments within your subscription data.

example How to use customer segmentation to find out your next growth opportunity

Understand your business with advanced segmentation

Get your data squeaky clean

Billing systems come and go, but that doesn’t mean you have to start from scratch every time you start using a new platform.

With The ChartMogul Subscription Data Platform, you can merge, clean up, and manipulate your data in ways that give you new insight over your business:

  • Merge customers and connect subscriptions that have been migrated from one billing system to another (to prevent false churn)
  • Edit MRR manually at the customer level
  • Control how subscriptions are recorded and metrics are calculated

Learn how Contacts+ uses ChartMogul to understand their business and cut churn in half.

Clean up the mess in your data

Simplify reporting and compliance

Whether it’s investors or the tax authorities, reporting always carries an outsized-level of stress. ChartMogul does the heavy lifting by automating and streamlining some of the mainstream tasks associated with reporting.

Simplify reporting and compliance

Expertise you can trust

ChartMogul is the leader in subscription data thinking — our customers trust us for our hugely popular SaaS resources and to build public metrics dashboards.

Our focus is on building the best-in-class subscription analytics platform, not on providing consulting services or one-off solutions. We are a team of 50+ people with the majority of those spread between engineering, product, and customer success.

Expertise you can trust
Sudeep Shukla, Chief of Staff at Signeasy
“Being able to see what’s happening at any point gives you a lot of agility and lets you make decisions fast. That’s been one of the biggest advantages of using ChartMogul.”
Sudeep Shukla Chief of Staff at Signeasy