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Subscription analytics and reporting

Tracking MRR, churn, LTV and cash flow is fundamental to growing your business. But to succeed in SaaS, you need to understand the trends behind those numbers. Simply import your billing data into ChartMogul to see what’s working, what’s not, and how to scale to the next level.

MRR movements

Real-time Monthly Recurring Revenue updates ensure you’re always working with the latest data. Track New Business MRR, Expansion, Contraction, Churn, and Reactivation.

Cohort analysis

Understand how your subscriptions evolve over time. Anticipate and prevent churn before it occurs.

ARR, LTV, ARPA, and more

Core subscription metrics provide a precise view of your recurring revenue, enabling you to optimize your business and plan for future growth.

Currency fluctuations

Consolidating revenue into one primary currency doesn’t show the whole picture. See how currency volatility affects your MRR.

Works with multiple billing systems

We support direct integrations with Stripe, PayPal, App Store, and much more. Import multiple sources of subscription data in seconds.


Set targets for any metrics for a set time period and customer segment. E.g. set a Q4 ARR target for the whole company, and some additional targets just for the Americas or Europe.

Mobile Apps

Track your subscription metrics on the go with our iOS and Android apps.


See how all future new business, upgrades, downgrades, and cancellations will affect your MRR today, and know if you’re on track to meet your monthly goals.


Your most critical numbers might not be visible at first glance. To better understand the inputs your revenue model is based on, and make data-informed decisions, you need to dig deeper. Segmentation enables you to identify which pricing plans are most profitable, the customer profiles that are most likely to convert, and who your great-fit customers really are.


Uncover more insights from your data. Use a combination of attributes, tags, and filters in ChartMogul to segment your data. If you often filter by the same attributes, saving segments can be a timesaver.

Smart plan groups

Your monthly, quarterly, and annual plans are automatically grouped and updated. Plan groups can then be used for filtering, the same way you would filter by individual plans.

MRR that entered/left segment

See the value of subscriptions that switch to or from any given plan. Trust that your MRR will always add up.

Visualisation options

Select from various visualisation options including the ability to stack segments or even color them to create unique charts that stand out. The real power of data comes from how it’s communicated.

Saved charts and customer lists

You can save your favorite charts and customer lists and easily access or share them anytime. Just hit save when you’ve created the perfect custom chart.


If your business operates in multiple territories, it’s important to track markets with the highest (or lowest) MRR, ARPU and churn. Maps allows you to do this visually.

Data import

Simply import your subscription data to get set up with ChartMogul. Integrate directly with your subscription billing platform, upload a CSV, or build your own solution with our Import API.

Direct integrations

Our direct integrations allow you to easily import all of your subscription and revenue data into a single source of truth. Whether you use Stripe, PayPal or Google Play, we’ve got you covered. See full list of integrations.

Import API

Use the Import API to easily push customers, subscriptions and their transactions to ChartMogul for the full benefits of our real-time reporting platform.

Google Sheets App

If you have customers that are billed outside of a supported billing system e.g. invoiced manually you can import your customers and subscription billing data into ChartMogul from a Google Sheet.

Manual import

Add your customers one-by-one directly in the UI or in bulk via CSV upload.


SaaSync is a system integrator partner for ChartMogul and has a deep knowledge of all ChartMogul APIs.

Data auditing, data editing, and advanced settings

When it comes to data, trust comes from transparency. Get control over your data at every layer with editing tools and advanced data settings. ChartMogul grows with your business – even if you switch billing systems or add new sources of revenue.

MRR editing

Editing tools allow you to attain perfect accuracy and have full control over the data behind your MRR. Easily update MRR movements resulting from messy billing data.

Connecting subscriptions

Connect multiple subscriptions to remove false churn events. Ensure that your data represents an accurate history of each customer.

Merge customers

Quickly merge customer records in bulk via our API, or combine individual records directly in the UI. The merge function allows you to consolidate billing histories from multiple systems.

View underlying billing datasets

Drill down into the data coming from your connected billing system. The ChartMogul UI gives you full transparency into how every individual MRR movement was generated.

Multi-component subscription modeling

ChartMogul supports a granular view of tiered or multi-component subscriptions allowing you to easily visualize the MRR contributed from each component or add-on to the overall subscription.

Churn recognition

Recognize churn as it occurs or at the end of the billing period. Whether you’re aiming for a real-time view of your MRR or standardized reporting practices we’ve got you covered.

Smart activity classification

Group MRR movements that occur within the same time frame together. Events are grouped and summarized according to the overall effect of the event, keeping your data clean and tidy.

Free customer handling

Classify customers who switch to a free plan (or who are given a 100% discount) as active subscribers, or as churned/cancelled subscribers. Accurately represent your customer count with this flexible setting.

Auto-churn delinquent customers

Treat subscriptions who are past due on their payment as cancelled after a predetermined time has passed, or leave them as-is until they’re explicitly cancelled. Avoid over-reporting your number of active subscribers.

Refund handling

Track refunds and have them not affect your MRR or remove the refunded revenue from your metrics completely.

Data enrichment

Augment your subscription metrics with customer attributes and tags. Data enrichment features allow you to add additional information to your customer records in ChartMogul. Segment and filter your customers with product data, marketing attribution data, and more.


Attributes are pieces of information or data that ChartMogul stores for each customer in addition to the customer, subscription, and billing data it retrieves from your billing system. Use attributes to filter and segment your customers.


Tags are a type of custom attribute you can add to customers. ChartMogul’s Tags Manager provides an overview of the tags you’ve added to customers and allows you to rename and delete tags.

Enrichment API

The Enrichment API lets you pipe customer metadata programmatically to ChartMogul from any data source.

Other integrations

Import customer attributes from a Google Sheet using the Google Sheets app or add data from Intercom, HubSpot, MailChimp via Zapier.

Data output and integrations

Get your ChartMogul metrics where you need them most with our robust API and other data output options. Send MRR movements to your data warehouse, CRM, or Slack.


Send MRR movements to a data warehouse, combine them with other data sets and analyze your data in aggregate.

Metrics API

Programmatically pull all the subscription metrics that ChartMogul generates. Build custom integrations with your favorite tools.

CSV exports

Export MRR movements, customers, or subscriptions as a CSV file. Drill down further and pull MRR by customer per month. Pull all the data or just the visible columns and work with it outside of the ChartMogul UI.


Send data to destination URLs of your choice when ChartMogul detects an MRR movement. Keep external systems up-to-date with changes in your MRR.

Integrate your existing services

Get subscription analytics in your favorite tools. See our full list of integrations or build your own.

SaaS platform features

We offer security features that modern SaaS companies require to safeguard your data and mitigate potential risks. We take every measure necessary to secure individual user access to the platform and ensure data privacy.

Two-factor authentication

2FA requires users to provide an additional mobile passcode at login, thereby adding an extra level of security to your account.


We offer SSL encryption for all users logged into your account. SSL keeps your internet connection secure and safeguards sensitive data sent between your client and our servers.

User device log

See the who, what, when and where of devices and associated IPs that have accessed your account.

Hosted on AWS

ChartMogul is hosted on AWS’s EU data centers in Ireland.

Disaster recovery

Our disaster recovery measures ensure that your account and data can be easily recovered in the case of a disaster – rest assured.

API Access Manager

Administrators can view a list of all issued API keys, who created them and when. Admin can temporarily disable any key, or delete them completely.

Beyond features

You’re not just buying into a list of features, or even a software platform. You’re choosing a trusted partner, and that goes well beyond the software we build. You’re making a bet on our product vision and roadmap, on the quality of our customer support, and the speed at which we innovate.

Industry leading support

Our friendly support team is expert in all things ChartMogul and SaaS. At ChartMogul we understand that your success as a customer is our success as a company.

Comprehensive documentation

Our robust help center has articles covering nearly every question or use case that could arise from the use of ChartMogul, and lots of other inspiration as well.

White glove service and training

A dedicated Customer Success Manager can assist you in your onboarding process and train your teammates. The CSM will ensure that all of your billing data, metadata, trials, and leads are added to the platform, so you can start your analysis right away.

Partner ecosystem

Our solutions partners can scope, build, and maintain a custom integration to automatically import your revenue, customer, and enrichment data into ChartMogul.

Future roadmap

We’re dedicated to adding more features that provide better insights into your subscription data, building more integrations, and tuning performance so ChartMogul can scale with your business.

7+ years in business

We just celebrated our 7th birthday. Building the industry’s leading subscription analytics platform has been an incredible journey so far – and we’re just getting started.

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