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From B2B SaaS to consumer apps, customers rely on ChartMogul to help them analyze, understand and grow their subscription business.

"Launching a news platform that depends on ’subscriptions without a paywall’ is a big challenge. ChartMogul calculates all the subscriber metrics we need to understand our business, and there are powerful tools like cohort analysis and segmentation for when we need to dive deeper."
Jimmy Wales Founder of WikiTribune & Wikipedia
"Having invested in more than 20 SaaS companies and seen many, many more, I know that ChartMogul is solving a big problem which almost all SaaS companies suffer from – getting accurate SaaS metrics."
Christoph Janz Point Nine Capital
"We love ChartMogul here at Hotjar. A super simple to setup tool that is critical to any SaaS business."
David Darmanin Founder at Hotjar

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