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The ChartMogul 2018 year in review

One of our favorite end-of-year traditions is reflecting on what we shipped, published, and achieved each year. Here’s a summary of our 2018 highlights.


We kicked the year off with an awesome customer story about how DroneDeploy uses ChartMogul to inform their expansion strategy — it’s certainly worth a read.


As someone who studied computer animation in college, I was really excited when we finally introduced some great looking animations into ChartMogul


Another big improvement that we introduced in January (which we stealthily slipped into our release notes) was the ability to compare segments anywhere within ChartMogul — our third overhaul of the segmentation UX in 3 years — but totally worth it.



Apple’s big push to encourage iOS app developers to embrace the subscription business model saw momentum in 2018, with app categories such as e-learning, media streaming, and fitness and lifestyle leading the way. We released our own native integration for iTunes Connect in February, so businesses offering subscriptions via the App Store could, for the first time, get access to market-leading subscription analytics with just a few clicks.


We launched the Targets feature to make it easy to track progress towards your company subscriber goals. With 2019 just days away, it’s time to start adding new targets for next year :-)


Ed wrote an excellent article on how B2B companies are now really embracing brand.


May – June

May and June saw us put on our first-ever event series, Mogul I/O, designed to bring together ChartMogul customers and leaders from the subscription economy to network, share knowledge and tips, and of course, have fun.

To make things interesting, we co-hosted each event with a ChartMogul customer or partner in each city.

We kicked things off in San Francisco with Autopilot before heading to NYC (co-hosted with Honey and WorkBench).


After the States, we headed to London (co-hosted with Marvel), then finished things off in Berlin with Point Nine Capital.


(Our illustrator struggled to tell Christoph and me apart ;-) )
(Our illustrator struggled to tell Christoph and me apart ;-) )

Running our own event series was a ton of fun and also hard work. We wouldn’t have been able to pull it off without the help from our co-host event partners, speakers, and customers. We’re really lucky and honored to have such an awesome community supporting us.

If June wasn’t busy enough, we also completely rebranded ChartMogul and launched a new public website. Rebrands famously disgust and alienate loyal customers, but we managed to avoid this trap and the reaction from the ChartMogul community was positive. You can read more about our rebrand process here.


The content train continued with an awesome piece by Ed on what it takes to be category king.



July saw probably the biggest feature release of the year with the introduction of custom charts. You can now save custom reports that compare complex segments of revenue data — and you can share them with your team!


Stripe also rolled out their official partner program in July and were honored to be named one of their initial launch partners and to be named a verified partner.



We launched our SaaS metrics refresher course, which is designed to distill our learnings from the past 4+ years into an easy-to-digest online course.

Guess which course this illustrates?

In September, the ChartMogul team headed to Split, Croatia, for our annual offsite. As a highly-distributed company, our Croatia adventures were focused on team bonding and on finding focus for the next 12 months ahead. You can see more photos from our offsite on Twitter:


October is the time of year when ChartMogul heads to Dublin for SaaStock, where we have a standing order for a Gold Sponsorship. SaaStock is a really cool conference (SaaStock = SaaS + Woodstock for those of you who didn’t figure this out yet) where we meet dozens of ChartMogul customers and friends, and collect masses of customer feedback. @Peter from Teamwork… yes, we will build an iPhone app at some point :-)

Our new branding looking slick at our SaaStock booth.

We launched a Shopify integration in October, as well as a new set of charts to help better measure non-subscription revenues.



Ed finally managed to get the legendary David Skok on our podcast; it’s well worth a listen.

2018 was our biggest year at ChartMogul by pretty much every measure. I’m really proud of what our team accomplished, and incredibly grateful to all of our customers, partners and investors who continue to support us on this journey.

See you in 2019!

We have some really exciting plans for 2019, including an awesome new feature release that is being tested internally and will be ready for release soon after the holidays. Subscribe to our blog to stay up to date.

Happy holidays and see you next year!

Nick Franklin

CEO, ChartMogul


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