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The Ultimate SaaS Finance Cheat Sheet

SaaS finance often takes the backseat in the early stage of your company — you’re busy nailing down SaaS metrics and KPIs. That’s why we put together a cheat sheet of SaaS accounting principles and tax guidelines. Learn only what you need to know.

SaaS Finance is not a hot topic

It’s not churn, it’s not funnel conversion, it’s not landing another round of funding. Yet it is integral to how you understand your business, how you run your business, and ultimately how you keep your business alive — you have to stay compliant.

This cheat sheet is the perfect way to learn about the fundamental concepts in SaaS Finance, and answer questions such as:

  • What is GAAP?
  • How does revenue recognition work for my subscription business?
  • What factors determine taxes on SaaS products?
  • When do I need to charge customers for US sales tax or EU VAT?

We elucidate confusing accounting concepts and define key finance terms, all in a one-stop shop, so you can carry on building a better business.

Ultimate SaaS Finance Cheatsheet

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Annie Musgrove

Content Writer