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Welcome back to this new season of SaaS Open Mic! In this first episode I’m talking to Claire Suellentrop and Georgiana Laudi of Forget The Funnel — both strong proponents of a more holistic approach to modern SaaS marketing.

This week on SaaS Open Mic, I talk to Entrepreneur, Investor and Drift CEO David Cancel. We chat about why he thinks buying business software sucks, how he measures success at Drift and where he looks for inspiration for his work.

Feedback culture doesn’t *just* happen. In startups feedback is rarely given focus from day one. So how can an established team nurture processes and attitudes towards feedback that make the difference between a desirable company and one you shouldn’t touch with a bargepole?

For most SaaS startups, there comes a point when expansion to new markets seems like the logical path to faster growth. Arun Mani is Managing Director for Freshdesk’s efforts in Europe, and his approach and philosophy towards this (and career growth in general) is something we should all pay attention to.

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